How to increase your chances to win a scholarship in Malaysia

4 years ago

In 2017, Malaysia had about 173,000 international students in its higher education institutions as a part of its plan to attract 250,000 international students by 2025.

In 2017, Malaysia had about 173,000 international students in its higher education institutions as a part of its plan to attract 250,000 international students by 2025.

Malaysia has a very powerful higher educational system with about 500 different institutions offer programs for both Malaysian and international students which makes it a destination for many students around a world.

If you prepared yourself to study abroad, you may try to find an institution offering a scholarship in your field of study which will save you a lot of money, but how you can increase your chances to win a scholarship in Malaysia?

Types of Scholarships in Malaysia

types of scholarships in Malaysia

There are different types of the scholarships in Malaysia differs in their offers and their requirements. Some of these types are:

  • Leadership Scholarship:
    This is a highly competitive scholarship but it is the most generous one too. It offers to approximately cover all your tuition fees and accommodation.
    This scholarship is awarded to the students with a wonderful academic record, and its application process is kind of tough as it includes a scholarship essay and interviews.

  • Merit Scholarship:
    Your academic results are the role player in this scholarship too as your higher scores mean extra coverage for your fees.This coverage may reach all of your tuition fees. Its application process is easier here as the university only wants to ensure that you meet the grade requirements and usually doesn’t need interviews.

  • Special Talents Scholarship:
    In this situation your academic record is less important than the previous two scholarships. However, the offering institutions expect that you have a special talent and exceptional excellence as an artist or an athlete for example.
    This scholarship offers you a large discount on the tuition fees when you provide the proof of your talent.

  • Malaysia International Scholarships (MIS):
    This is a special scholarship offered by the Malaysian government for the international students want to do their postgraduate study in Malaysia.It offers the international students the coverage of the tuition fees, medical insurance, tickets, and other expenses.Eligible students must have an excellent academic record, a high English proficiency (6.5 IELTS score or 580 TOEFL score), and they must have already gained admission to postgraduate studies in Malaysia. You can visit the MIS website for more information about the scholarship.

  • So, How you can prepare for a scholarship in Malaysia?

    As a student wants to complete your studies abroad, you have to take the advantage of every possible chance to improve yourself.
    Improving your academic results, your English and your soft skills will make it easier for you to win a scholarship. We can define two stages of preparation:

    Before you apply for a scholarship in Malaysia

    • Grades, unfortunately, matter
      As you noticed in earlier in the article, and I know it’s hard to swallow, your grades really matter. Grades don’t define you or your skills but they do indicate how much hard you tried.If you are seriously looking forward to winning a scholarship, you must take care of your grades so you can compete with the other applicants for the scholarship.

    • Be Active Either practicing a sport or being a part of a community will boost your chances of winning a scholarship.
      These extracurricular activities improve your leadership and teamworking skills which is an important aspect the universities look for.
      This also indicates that you are not only an academic-oriented person but a human with various interests and skills make you easily engaging with others.

    • Watch Your Language
      This point is clear, you can’t get a scholarship if your English isn’t good enough. You don’t have to be fluent, but you need to meet the language requirements of the scholarship.

      English is a powerful tool will help you in every stage in your journey of applying for a scholarship. You will need it when you search when you contact the university, and of course when you apply.

      English test scores for the undergraduate and postgraduate programs range from 6 – 7 in IELTS and 550 – 600 in TOEFL. You can use this free tool to test your english.

    • Keep in Touch
      Always check the universities websites to be updated with the available scholarships and their applications dates.
      You may also contact the professors asking them if they can offer you a scholarship or to be a part of their research team. This is a very helpful tip.

      To be aware of the updates of the scholarships updates in Malaysia, you want to check this website regularly.

    During Your Application for the Scholarship

    • Apply for every possible chance You made your search, found possible chances,and now you’re gonna apply. Apply for every scholarship you found suitable for you.
      Don’t underestimate your qualifications or your skills while applying for these scholarships. This kills your chances.
      You don’t know the number of the applicants or their qualifications, and you may lose a scholarship you would get just because you didn’t apply!

    • Show Your Achievements
      Following the previous point, you need to write all of your relevant achievements. These are things to be proud of!
      You were a part of a research team? Mention that. You established your own project which benefited your society? Mention that. You lead your team to win a competition? Mention that of course.
      Mentioning your achievements gives you extra points which will distinguish you from other applicants.

    • Finally, Write With Passion
      When you are writing your motivation letter, try to express your passion towards your field of study.
      Focus on “Why”. Tell them the reasons you want to get the scholarship by showing them examples that you are actually passionate about the topic of the program you will apply for.
      Show the university how this scholarship will affect your career and what is its impact on you and your society.

    Following these tips will boost your chances of winning a scholarship in Malaysia. If you are interested in health sciences, you may want to check MAHSA scholarship in health sciences on our Facebook page

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