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4 years ago

You love Shakespeare’s works that they are filling your shelves? trying to move objects out of your room to make empty spaces for your books and novels? An intensive reader who spent a lot of money on books instead of other stuff?

Readers like you will fall in love with literature especially English literature which has a rich heritage. In this article, I will show you what is English literature, why you need to study it, and what are the best programs in Malaysia to study it.

What to expect when you study English literature?

Forms of literature, any literature, includes writings in the language of this literature. The definition of “writings” here varies a lot, some will only include novels, poems, and plays while other “modern” writers will even include songs lyrics as a form of literature.

This means that the curriculum of English literature differs from a university to another. This is based on the vision of the university in delivering its courses and how it sees literature.

But generally, any curriculum will teach English in different eras of the history. You will study English from its earliest forms in the time of Chaucer to the English of the present day. This will be along with topics such drama, criticism, folklore and regional specialties.

As a student you will be presented to the works of British writers such as Dickens and Shakespeare, American writers like Hemingway, Irish writers like James Joyce, and other writers around the world wrote their works in English.

But why to study English literature?

You may ask “Isn’t it enough to read some English books?” Studying English literature isn’t just about reading some good books in English, it is about analyzing, criticizing the writings.

Studying English literature is about reading in context. To know why the author wrote this, why he used this exact word, what is the writer’s style in writing. All of that will be a part of your study which will give you a better understanding to the world around you. You will also be able to analyze different periods of history based on the writings of this period.

As a result to this critical and creative thinking, your analytical skills will be significantly improved which will open many chances, and jobs, to you.

Careers you can get when you study English literature

Talking about jobs, there are a really big list of jobs you can hold if you have a degree in English literature. Some of these jobs is directly related to your degree such as translation, advertising, and, of course, writing!

Let’s see how English literature degree will help you in your career:

  • Translation

    If your mother language isn’t English, studying English literature will significantly promote your career in translation.

    Studying English literature improves your language aspects such as vocabulary and grammar. This will make you able to, professionally, choose the right words for your translation.

  • Advertising

    Studying English literature improves your oral and written communication skills as well as your creativity. These skills are the essentials of any person wants to get a career in advertising. These skills also will be appreciated in careers such as marketing and public relations.

  • Writing

    This seems clear and logical. Studying English literature will greatly improve your writing skills. You will be able to express your ideas and your thoughts in a clearer way, and in a correct language as well.

    Writing also includes journalism and publishing industries as you can, with your degree, to write, edit, or review articles and books.

There are less typical English literature jobs, which is not related to the degree itself but to the skills you gain while getting the degree. These jobs may include business, administration, and law careers.

So, Where to study English literature in Malaysia?

Some Malaysian universities offer degrees in English literature. In this section I will show you some details of these programs:

  1. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM):

    aculty of modern languages and communication of UPM offers a bachelor’s of art specialized in English literature as a major of 5 majors the faculty offers. If you are passionate about English language, you may also choose “English language” as a minor subject.

    You will receive foundation courses in the first semester, then from the second semester you your specialization starts.

    3 years

    RM 35,000 for the entire degree.

    Application for international students:
    You will need a TOEFL score of 550 and STPM equivalent as an entry requirement for taking the degree.

  2. International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM):

    Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences of IIUM provides a bachelor’s degree in Human Sciences in English Language and Literature.

    The courses of the degree aim to help students to improve their English language. It also focuses on the language itself, literature, and linguistics.

    4 years

    RM 28,000 for international students.

    Application for international students:
    Score of 550 in TOEFL or 6 in IELTS (with a minimum of 5.5 for each element), along with an equivalent degree to STPM.

  3. University of Nottingham – Malaysia Campus:

    School of English of University of Nottingham offers a bachelor’s degree with honors (Hons.) in English Language and Literature. The study is a combination between traditional lectures and weekly seminars.

    In the first two years you will study the foundations of English. You will study modules such as linguistics, English through time, English literature and drama while in the third year you will study some of advanced topics you will choose from.

    3.5 years

    RM 33,400 for the entire degree.

    Application for international students:
    Application for international students: score of 6.5 in IELTS (at east 6 in each element) or score of 87 in internet based TOEFL (at east 20 in speaking and 19 in each other element) is required. You will need also an equivalent degree to STPM.

These were different examples for courses in English literature in Malaysia but you can find more and more on our website from here.

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