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4 years ago

Choosing the right university may seem very complex. There are many factors to consider, especially if you will study abroad. Starting from the country you will study to the available programs and your life after graduation. In this article, I will show you some of the fundamental inquiries you have to check with the university before you travel to study abroad.

Entry Requirements for the program you want to study

Although this seems clear enough, a lot of students underestimate this step. Many students choose the university before choosing the program, and of course the entry requirements for this program which is very wrong!

If you have decided already that you want to study in a particular university, you need at the very first steps to check the entry requirements for the program you have chosen to study in this university.

The courses you will study in the program

You need to ask the university about the courses you will study in the program you chose. Of course, this would be clear if you choose the program before the university. But if there was a dream university in your mind you decided to apply to, you should ask the university about the courses of the program.

The program’s courses differ from a university to another. Of course, you need to know whether the courses included in the program matches with your plans or not.

How the courses will be taught and assessed

Following the previous point, you may want to ask the university how the courses will be taught. Will there be only lectures? or the lectures will be combined with seminars and labs?
I suggest to also contact the professor responsible for the course directly to provide you with more accurate information.

Where will you live?

Accommodation information is very important for you as an international student. You need to know, carefully, everything about your living place and cost.

If you want to live in the university, you need to know how to apply for it, when, and how you will pay for it. If you don’t, you need to know how the university will support you to find a suitable accommodation.
Besides the accommodation, every university has its services to provide for the students. You need to ask for information about that too.

The cost of living in the university city.

This is an important point. You may choose or not choose a university because of the cost of living in the university region. As an international student, you need to keep your financial conditions stable as much as possible. To do that you need to know how much you will pay for your basic needs such as living, food, transportation, taxes, insurance, …etc.

Can you have a part-time job?

You can consider this as a completing point for the previous one. Not all the countries allow students to work during their study. You should ask the university if it is allowed to work during your study, how many hours per week you can work, and if it is possible, how the university will help you to find.

With this point and the previous one, you can estimate how much money you will need every month which will even affect your decision choosing the university.

After graduation opportunities

Whether you want to have higher academic degrees or you want to work in an industry related to the field of your study, you want to ask the university about the opportunities of doing both in the university country.
You don’t want to spend 3 or 4 years of studying before finding out that there is no demand for your field of study.

Other things to consider…

This includes the application dates and deadlines. Also, if you applied for a scholarship, you want to ask for the deadline for paper preparation. Employment rate of the university will show you how the university courses are compatible with the market. You may want to ask the university about its employment rate.

You also may ask the university about your life in the university. What are the activities you can do? What are the communities you can join? How to participate in these different activities?

Contacting the university directly will save you a lot of time. But besides that you can do some work by yourself. Checking the universities’ websites will give you very useful information. You can also ask the graduates of the universities to provide you with extra information about the university and the life after university.

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