Things You Need To Know Before you Study Abroad

4 years ago

Studying Abroad is such a wonderful experience. Meeting new people with new culture, new customs, and new worldviews. What an adventure! But before going abroad there are some, little but very important, things you need to know carefully. Things about the country you will travel to, the university you will study in, in addition to things about yourself too.


1. The Country


“Where in the world should I study?” Although it is a fundamental question, this is not an easy question to answer since there are many possible destinations to choose from. This may be a little overwhelming but here are some helpful tips to make this choice quite easy:

Define your interests

Do you want to travel to country has similar traditions your countries, or you want to experience a different culture? You can also ask yourself whether you want to stay close to your country or you want to go far far away.

Economic state of the country

This will affect many important things, such as living cost, food prices, and even transportation. This point may vary from a city to another in the same country, for example living in the capital will cost you more than if you live in a small town.

Laws of the country

This is very important and will affect you directly as it will determine for example if you can have a part time job during your study period or not and how many hours you can work and how much taxes you pay. It is very important to know this stuff.

Career opportunities

On your study completion, what are the opportunities to have a job? What are the average starting salaries for your job position?

Personal preferences

Things like weather and food of the country May affect your choice. Of course these things may have a less impact on our decision than the previous points but it is still important to consider.


After defining these things, I assume that you have now a clear picture of what kind of country you want to study in, you may also have decided already which country exactly you will travel to.

Now you need to know better about this country, learn as much as you can about it. If you don’t know its language try to learn it, read more books about its culture, watch some of its movies and TV shows, and the most important tip of course, contact people in this country and try to make friendships before you travel. This will save you a lot of time.

So, what’s about the university?


After choosing the country, you will go through another process of narrowing-down your choices. Now, you’re gonna choose the most suitable university for you. Some countries have a numerous number of university, for example, Malaysia has about 500 university and college. This is huge!

So how can you choose the university? Here are some factors:

Programs the university provide:

Does the university provide a program aligns with your study interests? Is the quality of the program curriculum suitable for you?

University reputation

It is very important when you leave your country and go to study abroad     to choose a reputable university. There some useful tools like QS World University Rankings to know the ranking of the university in your field of study and its overall ranking also.

Length of study

How long will the program last? Bachelor’s degree in Malaysia ranges between 3 – 5 years for example. You need to choose the length of the program according to your life goals.

Tuition fees

This is another important point, does the university provide financial aid program or scholarships, or you will afford all the fees during your study period?

University facilities and services

Here I mean things such as medical insurance, accommodation, and transportation. These things will make your life easier in the university.

Employment rate

What is the percentage of the university graduates find jobs in their field of study.


Using these factors while comparing between university will make it easier to make the right choice. If you want to study in Malaysia, you can use 1UNi platform to compare between the different universities of Malaysia and their programs in different fields of science from here


And now, What do you know about yourself?

Self-awareness is very important step when you prepare to study abroad. You need to know yourself and your personality as this will save you from taking wrong steps. You need to start even from whether it is suitable for you to study abroad or not.

Are you adaptable to change? Can you deal with the host country traditions?Are you capable to acquire a new language?

This kind of questions will help you to identify your character, what you love, what you hate, what you can deal with, what you can’t… etc.

The good news is: the experience itself will teach you a lot, will polish your personality and build a better version of you.

Gaining a new language, meeting new people, and dealing with other culture, all of this will improve your mind and your character.


If you have any questions or need any help, leave your comment here and I will respond to you shortly. You can also like our page on Facebook to catch up with our helpful tips about studying abroad.

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